These bylaws are issued by Arrowad Group Board Decision No. 6-4 in their Meeting dated 30 September 2015. ‍

Article 1: Admission

INTEREDU™ Administration determines the number of new trainees to be admitted in each batch.

Article 2: Admission Requirements

a.Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
b.Successfully passing the English placement test or submitting TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent test results (for non-English majors).
c.The applicant's graduation date must not be earlier than 10 years prior to the application date. INTEREDU™ Administration has the right to waive this condition.
d.Passing the personal interview.
e.Employer approval.
f.Meet any other requirements as determined by INTEREDU™ Administration at the time of admission.
g.Reading and accepting these bylaws.

Article 3: Application Evaluation

Admission is granted to applicants who satisfy all admission requirements, and is based on the applicant’s GPA and interview results.

Article 4: Tuition Fees

a.INTEREDU™ Administration determines the tuition fees and retains the right to amend those fees at any time without affecting currently enrolled trainees.
b.Tuition fees must be paid ahead of time.
c.Tuition fees are nonrefundable; however, any remaining balance can be used to pay other training fees.
d.The tuition fees or the balance cannot be refunded or reused in event that a trainee is dismissed for misconduct.

Article 5: Training System

a.INTEREDU™ follows the unit system equivalent to the actual training hours.
b.Registration deadlines and training program schedules are regularly posted on the INTEREDU™ website. These schedules are the sole reference for offering training programs.
c.INTEREDU™ Administration has the right to update schedules whenever the need arises.
d.The trainee is responsible for following the academic plan.
e.The records of trainees who fail to complete their registration before the deadline will be suspended. INTEREDU™ Administration has the right to reinstate suspended records and to permit late registration.
f.The grades earned by a trainee in each training program are calculated as follows:
Pass (P): Attaining a minimum of 75% or equivalent in the overall assessment, including the practical applications.
Fail (F): Failing to attain the minimum of 75% or equivalent in the overall assessment, including the practical applications.
Incomplete (IC): Failing to attend major assessments with an acceptable excuse.
Denial (DN): Failure to attend a training session.
Withdrawn (W): Withdrawal from a training program before it ends.
Credit (CR): Alternate methods of passing training programs such as a placement test.
Credit transfer (T): Alternative methods of passing training programs such as transferring credits from other institutions.
Grade (AU): Assigned to trainees who attend a training program as auditors without being given any grades, regardless of their performance. However, the trainee must inform INTEREDU™ Administration if he/she misses more than 10% of the training sessions.

Article 6: Attendance

a.Enrolling in INTEREDU™ means full commitment to attending sessions and actively participating in all learning activities at the specified dates and times.
b.Trainees must be present 15 minutes ahead of time.
c.INTEREDU™ Administration must be informed when a trainee is late, with an acceptable excuse. If the trainee is late for more than 15 minutes with no admissible excuse, a warning will be issued. Coming late after the warning has been given will automatically lead to an absence record and the trainee will not be admitted into the training room.
d.The trainee must attain 100% attendance in each training program. INTEREDU™ Administration has the right to waive 10% of sessions if supported by the trainer with an explanation of how this absence affects achievement of the program outcomes, along with details of any remedies taken.

Article 7: Repetition and Withdrawal

a.INTEREDU™ follows a strict assessment system in addition to complete attendance and the terms stated in the graduation article.
b.Where the trainee fails to achieve the passing requirements, he/she will be considered to have failed.
c.Trainees can withdraw from one or more training programs any time before the end of the program..
d.In the case of failure or withdrawal, the trainee may repeat the programs any number of times, and he/she will be charged fees for the repeated programs only.

Article 8: INTEREDU™ Program Equivalence

a.INTEREDU™ trainees can apply for exemption from up to one third of the INTEREDU™ training programs.
b.Program contents must match and it is solely up to INTEREDU™ to decide on this.
c.Training hours must match.
d.The programs that are being considered for equivalence must be from an accredited institution.
e.The tuition fees for exempted programs will be waived.

Article (9): Suspension

A trainee may be suspended from INTEREDU™ training programs in any of the following cases:

a.Missing training by 10% or more of the overall training hours.

Article 10: Conferral of Two Certificates in two Tracks

A trainee may apply to INTEREDU™ Administration for conferral of two certificates in two tracks. In this case, the trainee must complete all training programs in both tracks.

Article 11: Postponement and Suspension

A trainee may apply for postponement for reasons acceptable to INTEREDU™ Administration, provided the suspension period does not exceed six months. If, however, a trainee stops attending training sessions without an acceptable excuse, he/she will be considered suspended. INTEREDU™ Administration has the right to reinstate suspended trainees.

Article 12: Graduation Requirements:

a.There must be a complete attendance record (100%). INTEREDU™ Administration has the right of waiver to a maximum of 10% absence, on provision of a sound excuse and support notices from the requisite trainers explaining how the missed sessions affect achieving INTEREDU™ learning outcomes, together with details of remedial actions taken.
b.The trainee must scoring a minimum of 75% in all required training programs.
c.Successful completion of the practical application is required.

Article 13: General Policies

a.Trainees are expected to understand and follow the INTEREDU™ academic plan.
b.Attendance is compulsory. Trainees are expected to attend all training sessions, respect deadlines, and carry out the required assessment components properly and timely. No admission to the test room is allowed 15 minutes after the start of the test. A trainee will be considered to have failed in such circumstances.
c.Mobile phones are not permitted in the training room.
d.Taking photos or making videos is strictly prohibited inside the training room. Violation of this rule will precipitate immediate disciplinary action.
e.Trainees are expected to be punctual; they must be at the training venue before the session starts and should remain in the training room until the session ends.
f.All trainees are requested to be kind and to treat others with strong mutual respect. INTEREDU™ Administration reserves the right to take disciplinary action against violations, which may extend to a warning being given and to partial or complete dismissal from the programs.

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