Developing Higher Thinking Skills in Different Subjects

This program focuses on developing thinking skills and avoids overloading the students with information for the purpose of memorization. This knowledge is through a high value and enables students to practice inside the classroom; its mastering would qualify them to apply it in different real-life future situations.

The program focuses on the concept, and brain working process according to the most recent scientific researches, and linking that with the theories of psychology, identifying the types and development strategies of thinking skills. Also addressing the concept of creative and meta-cognition thinking, the strategies of developing it, and the role of the teacher as a mediator to raise students thinking skills, and how to extract the thinking skills from curricula; for gathering information, transforming and communicating it. Furthermore, it introduces the art of designing questions that catalyze thinking and classifying them according to Bloom’s taxonomy, along with an indication to the thinking techniques assessment and measuring. Read more >>

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