Developing Science and Math Concepts in KG

This program focuses on the concepts of Science, nature and the significance of teaching science to children. It also deals with child-centered teaching methodologies such as inquiry, experiment, discovery, problemsolving, research and project-based education. In addition, it provides practical application on planning and implementing scientific activities that build scientific thinking skills, and links science to students’ daily life by adopting learning through play in outdoor and hands-on activities in a whole-approach; including weather, seasons, flora and fauna, materials, colors etc.

The program also provides trainees with techniques to develop Mathematical concepts, numerical thinking skills, problem-solving, analysis, conclusion, and numbers; by utilizing play in hands-on activities. It introduces Mathematical concepts; including numbers, time, place, size, and measures in an integrated and thematic unit. This is based on tangible to semi-tangible materials and connection to everyday elements, by applying and discussing the activities. Read more >>

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