Jordan University

Jordan University formed a review committee consisting of seven faculty members from the College of Education to review INTEREDU™. The committee based their evaluation of the scientific content in training programs, methods of training and training activities on international standards and came to the following conclusion:

The scientific content is modern, linked to the targeted competencies, easy to comprehend, compatible with the current social and cultural training trends, and follows consistent format across all training kits.
The variety of training approaches are practical, aligned with scientific content, and work effectively in various training scenarios.
The training activities are interesting, thought provoking, interactive, tailored for target groups, accommodate individual differences, and linked to the objectives and scientific content.
The training sessions are clear in terms of content, objectives and time.

Jordan University is the first university in Jordan, established in 1962. The university hosts 45 thousand students, 12% of which are foreign students. The university has over 200 thousand alumni and 1,200 faculty members third of them at the rank of Full Professor. Faculty members are mostly graduates of American, European, Asian and Arab universities as well as graduates of Jordan University.