INTEREDU™ Kindergarten Track

The training programs in this track aim at empowering Kindergarten (KG) teachers at all three levels (KG1, KG2 and KG3). The training themes in this track are based on the CCSS for kindergarten and the ECEC, and are built in collaboration with expert advisors on KGs in the Arab world. The track includes the following programs:

First Phase: Fundamental Educational Qualification * 50 hours
Second Phase: Advanced Educational Qualification 155 hours
Third Phase: Kindergarten Training Programs 95 hours
Program Hours
1 Early Childhood Philosophical Approaches and their Implications on KG Curricula 10
2 Designing Learning Centres in KG 10
3 Applying ‹Learning Through Play› Principles in KG 10
4 Developing Language and Literacy in KG 20
5 Developing Science and Math Concepts in KG 15
6 Developing Creative thinking Skills for KG 10
7 Activating Partnership with Parents in KG 10
8 Developing Values and Life Skills in KG 10
Forth Phase: Practical Applications 45 hours
* Trainees who are graduates from educational colleges are exempted from the Fundamental Educational Qualification programs.