Reflective Teacher

Program Details

Reflective Teacher
Duration: 15 hours
Prerequisites: Teachers with bachelor’s degree
Material: Training Guide, Program Kit, and online resources on Marifah
Level - Track: Advanced Educational Qualification
Target Audience : Teachers (KG, Math, Science, English, and Computer Science) grade (1-3).

Short Description

This program is aimed at making teachers aware of their teaching philosophy; it encourages them to develop a professional portfolio that is in line with the context, mission and vision of their institution and with good teaching standards, and will provide them with the skills of reflection, evidence-based writing and analysis. Teachers should regularly evaluate where they are now and where they want to be, plan the way to their goals, which should be based on their and their students’ needs.

Active teachers are reflective practitioners. Their performance is focused on students learning and their decisions are based on their students’ learning evidence. They monitor and are aware of both their behaviour, professional developments and their impact on students. They seek to improve their performance on the basis of documentation, analysis, and interpretation of written reflection evidence. Active teachers efficiently use their personal and professional development portfolio in light of the standards of good learning, and plan for effective professional development in cooperation with their peers.

Big Ideas

The teaching portfolio broadens horizons in order to improve teaching.
The teaching portfolio enables teachers to benefit from self-reflection.
Reflective teaching enhances teacher practices.
Reflective teaching affects a teacher's beliefs and attitude.
Reflective writing helps teachers in reviewing their beliefs and practices.
Reflection, documentation and portfolios empower teachers in offering effective teaching.

Essential Questions

How can a teacher's philosophy affect his practice?
How can teachers use portfolios to improve their practice?
Why do teachers need reflection?
How does reflective writing enhance a teacher's practice?
How does documentation improve a teacher's professional development?


Unit Outcomes
  • • Identify effective ways of using teaching portfolios. 
  • • Create a portfolio showing your professional development .
  • • Develop portfolio elements. 
  • • Use the portfolio to exchange experiences. 
  • • Explain the concept of teaching philosophy.
  • • Revise one's recent teaching philosophy.
  • • Create a teaching philosophy for documentation and reflection upon the based on high teaching standards /li>
  • • Explain the importance of reflective teaching
  • • Demonstrate teacher awareness of reflective teaching.
  • • Explain the importance of reflective practice.
  • • Demonstrate teacher awareness of reflective writing. 
  • • Explore the process of reflective writing. 
  • • Write a reflective journal.. 
  • • Use reflection to enhance one's practice. 


No Component Weight
1 Activity 1.1: What is a Portfolio, and Why is it Needed? 5
Arrange subheadings in your portfolio (Part of Activity 1.1) 5
2 Peer Assessment for Portfolios (Part of Activity 1.2) 10
3 Activity 2.7: Reflective Writing 10
Reflective Writing Rubric (Part of Activity 2.7) 5
4 Peer Assessment for Individual Reflective Journals (Part of Activity 2.9) 15
5 Exit Task 30
6 Final Portfolio 15
7 Participation 5
Program Total 100

Time Distribution

No Item Time (MIN)
1 KWL-Q 15
2 Vocabulary Tool 15
3 Pre-Program Questionnaire 10
4 Terminology 10
5 Ice Breaker Activity: Guess the Phrase Game 20
6 Activity 1.1: What is a Portfolio, and Why is it Needed? 100
7 Activity 1.2: Building Portfolios 80
8 Activity 2.1: Teaching Philosophy 60
9 Activity 2.2: Teacher in My Mind 60
10 Activity 2.3: My Experience as a Teacher 60
11 Activity 2.4: Advanced Organizer 60
12 Activity 2.5: Reflection & Reflective Teaching 60
13 Activity 2.6: Stop & Think: Why Reflection? 70
14 Activity 2.7: Reflective Writing 90
15 Activity 2.8: Shared Reflective Writing 80
16 Activity 2.9: Write a Reflective Journal 60
17 Exit Task 40
18 Post-Program Questionnaire 10
Total 900

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